Saturday, June 6, 2009

Colorado Day 1

Arrived this morning/noon in Denver and was surprised to have my mom meet me at the gate. So fun! I haven't had someone meet me at the gate since I was 15. Amazing. It was nice to meet up after our respective flights. Dad and Steve met up at the bag claim and we were on our way to Estes Park. I'd had a pretty good flight. I managed to sleep maybe 2 hours or so on my way from HNL to SFO and then had awesome conversation with the guy next to me (Andrew? from Thetford, VT - wish I'd gotten his last name!) from SFO to DEN - we covered all types of issues including all the wonderful uses for acupuncture, undergrad degrees, insurance companies, consulting jobs, math, surgery, it was good fun. And he was pretty cute! It helped that I drank some jasmine tea on the plane, otherwise I'd have been braindead and cranky.

I was soooooooo excited to see my family, I jabbered nonstop at my mom (cause we were in the back seat while my dad and Steve were listening to an audiobook) for a good hour. We finally made it to Estes Park and the first thing out of Mom's mouth was that she was ready to go BAR HOPPING! ridiculous. I love it! I wish I'd brought my camera, but it's not like we did anything that interesting. We played a long, not keeping score game of bar shuffleboard that Steve clearly dominated. Dad and I fought it out for last place.

We went to 2 bars - I had a Fat Tire (yum) and a Moose Drool (fun just for the name, but a little thick for my fatigue level tonight) I definitely was a cheap drunk after so little sleep and am going to be proud if I can stay up until 8pm tonight (only another 1.5 hours!)

I'm hoping to have pics starting tomorrow!


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