Monday, November 14, 2005

Dave kicks ass

So Dave won the Jiu Jitsu tournament!!! To clarify, there were two different categories: Gi and No-Gi (which means, wearing the uniform, and not wearing the uniform - wearing whatever you want, usually board shorts and no shirt). He tied for 1st in the gi competition, and won 1st in the no-gi by choking the guy out! It was great! I'm sure Dave will put pics up on his site, so check it out...

Wednesday, November 9, 2005


So I've been sitting here at this computer for I dunno, 20 minutes, doing what normally takes 5 or so.. mainly checking everyone elses stuff out since I've been out of touch for a week and a half. I came home today and went to download some cloud pics that I hope make dave drool, and the wireless pops up! It doesn't say connected for more than a minute at a time, so I'm not sure if this will even get posted, but I'll try it out. I definitely can't post any teaser pics for dave of the clouds.. awww =(.. too bad.

On the bright side, I only have one more day of work here and then I get to run around friday and come home friday noght so I can watch Dave kick ass (hopefully) on saturday at the jiu jitsu tournament.

I have to say, having a place to myself has been awesome.. no dirty roommates drinking my milk but not admitting it (I'm assuming none of them read this..), all the dirty dishes are as I left them (or there aren't any!), and I've been lougning and cooking naked *sigh*. It's everything I wanted and more. =)

Dave came to visit and that was great too. If only Oahu wasn't the high hell of rent.. I'd be out on my own.. maybe I'd let dave live with me (tee hee), since he's neat and clean (when he's not visiting Kona) and a good influence.

Ok, gotta go! that pirate wireless is bouncing back and forth like a thai girl in a basket (sean and Dave, that was for you)! Just wanted to check in, say hello, hug via computer screen... etc!