Monday, March 31, 2008


This past weekend we went to Kualoa and took it easy for the weekend. I brought the camera, but did not once even think about taking it out to photo-document any of the activities.. I guess I've been trained from hanging out with Dave...
If I had taken pictures, I would have recorded many people including: DnA, Sandra, Bowen and Elisia, Zach, Jessica, Matt, Dave, Isar, Jeremy, Polly and Jason, Liz Stuart (aka lizilani), Brad, Rahul, and me doing any number of things. Mostly we colored, sat in the shade (or the sun), ate mango bread and soup, drank wine, ate strawberries soaked in grand marnier,
and cookies, played one 3 hour game of Settlers (never again), swam to Chinaman's Hat and back (2 different days and 2 different groups of people), played bocce-ball, piling into DnA;s tent for various reasons, etc. The fun pretty much never ended.
One of the more exciting things that happened was that Billy and Dave flew over us in the glider on their way back from Maui. I wasn't on my shit though and missed the phone call warning us to watch out for them. We were all very disappointed that we missed it, but we're hoping that there's pictures of Angelica, Jess, and I practicing our handstands somewhere on Dave's computer that he hasn't discovered yet.
By the time the weekend was over I was thoroughly brain dead (just like I wanted, and just like every time we camp whether we end up at hannara's or not!!). It was wonderfulness. I'm now completely prepared for a firetwirling party next month (so I hope it happens!!!)

Friday, March 21, 2008

My 1st Couch Surfer

Steve's friend Jon was in town for a bit and stayed with me one night - my first couch surfer! very exciting. We had a good time! We had a couple of beers at Anna's and then headed to the beachnook to watch the surf and have 1 more beer before heading home to crack still in the shell macadamias in the parking lot. good fun.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday was quite possibly the most fun birthday I've ever had.

It started out when I opened my door and found the hyacinth and the most yummy tuber rose lei from Angelica to aromatherapy us for the day. She and I headed over to Kaimana and met up with Jorge and Shane who were waiting for us. We were late cause we had to pick up some malasadas! Soon Tammy, Jessica, and Joey showed up and then Kristin, Brad, Tyler, Madeline, Bowen, Allen, Liz, and Jon joined the party!

I laughed a ton and was so happy to finally get my work friends, school friends, a couple of astro-kids, and Angelica together on neutral ground.

It was great!

I even got phone birthday wished from Brazil and Cali!! And I got presents!!!! I haven't gotten birthday presents since I've lived here I think! It was crazy and just made me love everyone even more than I already do.

I even did some leprechaun jumping repeatedly so that Angelica could catch a pic of me in mid-air. It took forever to think that we got one and then of course I got home and the first one (of 25) was perfect..

Karaoke didn't happen, but A, Liz, and I headed over to Liz's and watched I heart Huckabees and told stories with Jessica when she got home.

I've been glowing all day I had so much fun yesterday. I have a new standard I'll be trying not to hold all coming birthdays to now.