Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spy Cam

David and I got to run away from the office yesterday and play the spy cam game at DOH - that's department of health.. incase you're a fool and you didn't know that. So what happens is that someone from the office (Beth this time) requests to see the DOH record of all documents having to do with a specific property and all the properties around it. Then I (or anyone) go in and take pictures of the relevant information. It's fun, not because it's overwhelmingly interesting, but because I get out of the office (and this time I got to bring a friend.. sigh!) for a couple of hours (yay!) and because it's fun to play games in my head and pretend I have a bowtie camera or something ridiculous and I'm sneaking information away. Even though you go up to a desk and some lady brings you to a room where they have stacked up all the files for you on a desk for your convenience.. THAT'S NOT THE POINT it's still fun to play. =)

Anyway, here's david being excited to get out of the office...

He looks a little crazed, huh?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why not me?

So I got an email yesterday from my friend Andy who lives in Reno (grad school for hydrology, I believe) and I just want to share it... I'm fiending for some fun in the snow so badly...

Hi Everyone,
I thought you might enjoy some pics from my recent ski tour in the Desolation Wilderness (on the SW side of Lake Tahoe).
The weather looked so good that I decided at the last minute to skip working on my thesis for a week and hiked up into the mountains with Mark Fogg and Chad Wiles.
The sun was hot and the snow was great...
hope all is well with all.

Doesn't that look great??! I wanna go sledding!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Who... Me?

So I was biking to work this morning and I found out that the homeless guys that live at the park bench by the bike path now call me "tiger".. this kills me. I cracked a big ass grin - I couldn't help it! It's so silly. I was cookin through the parking lot and down the concrete to go over the grass onto the path when this guy at the bench goes, "whoa.... Tiger," but you know phonetically it was more like tye-gaah, and give me the shaka with a big smile. I craked up and said hi, and then I hear some other guy in the background say the same thing behind me... Tiger!

How fuckin silly!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Good Times

Every once in a while my job is fun. Today I got to run around in the woods with Bryan and Dave (my boss, not my boyfriend) and it was great! We went to this place in Wahiawa that I didn't know existed and ran around looking at areas that will be cut back for development soon. I'm sure everyone agrees with me that this is unfortunate, but what can you do when you don't have billions of dollars to buy up everything you don't want covered with buildings?

I saw soo many big trees and a bunch of flowers that I've never seen before! Like this one!

It had fuzzy flower bud that were so soft I wanted to rub my cheek on it but they're too small and my boss already thinks I'm crazy. The flowers looked fake, like plastic, but they weren't plastic, they were new wonderful flowers for me *grin* AND!!!! I found a thimbleberry!! For those of you who are unknowingly saddened by never having eaten a thimbleberry... they are the best berry ever. EVER. Don't even argue with me because you're wrong =) they look like large raspberries with very small seeds like strawberries and my mouth waters when I try and think about how they taste so I can describe it. Which I cannot.

BUT! back to the point at hand.. I got to rememeber once again that while I am not crazy about hiking on trails, I love to bushwhack and run around in the woods with no trail but with a topo map. It's more fun with a good compass and cool rocks to map, but I get what I get. I also got to scramble down a small cliff (6') with a nice tree root ladder, hop across a stream, and climb up a rock wall to prove it could be done and was easier than whacking all the way back to where we had originally crossed (which was not nearly as fun since it was slippery and wet mud with no rock wall to climb) to my boss and Bryan (isn't that a great camera phone pic? I don't have a pic of Dave). This as also great because of the 2 or 3 toddlers that were shocked to a standstill when we popped out of the woods on the other side of the fence (and cliff face and stream) from their playground. They watched us scramble over with gurgling interest which was even more funny in comparison to the one mom out there who did not look excited at all at the fact that the little tinys now knew that life was possible beyond the fence hehehe...

Of course, the wonderfulness couldn't last forever, and at noon, returning to the office was a buzzkill. Fortunately, Maui calls me away from the durges for tomorrow. I will try to get some cool pics for y'all =)