Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BBQ at the Erin/Aren's

Erin and Aren had a Memorial Day BBQ and lots of us headed over to join in the festivities. Everyone brought something delicious and we all had a really good time. Ian, Liz, and George came with me - we played pool and darts.

and made Leila cry by trying to give her some of Angelica's hair

but she liked being bounced!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Spring (Summer)

and I spent the day inside organizing notes from my previous 2 semesters of school and enjoying the rain that was finally falling after what seemed like too many hot sunny days (I am one of those people who require inclement weather to feel fulfilled and happy). I've been obsessively listening to Ray Lamontagne, Dispatch, Brett Dennon, Mason Jennings, CeU, and Kings of Convenience lately. Quite enjoyable!

I got a brilliant idea and decided to play with some watercolors in the sprinkling rain this afternoon!

but unfortunately, the weather wasn't quite finished and decided to POUR, which ruined the cool things going on above... I kept at it though and made a semi-cheezy tree and a color wash.

Last night I made Calabrese Meatballs (YUM) and tonight DnA, Rahul, and I will eat them.