Sunday, October 30, 2005


So I calculated my raise % wrong friday... the caffiene must have made me momentarily dumber cause I remembered my salary pre-raise incorrectly. So the raise is actually 8.1% Not TOO off, but still wrong.

Friday, October 28, 2005


So I'm super-caffeinated and excited to go to Ozomatli tonight! Althought it is shadowed by the disappointment of Dave having to work (I'm sure the stars will be the same LATER... unh.. *bitch face with snake head*) =(.. whose gonna appreciate me in my tinkerbell costume?

In other news, I'm annoyed that only Jesse commented on my math post (see below), and NO ONE commented on any of my new NZ stuff! I was all excited, and no one cared - excpet jesse, he gets a hug; whereas you-all (whomever you are, since you don't leave comments..) get nothing. So there. I hope you've learned your lesson.

And in the business section, I got a raise this week.. the yearly "Thanks for not asking us any questions, and not being overly obvious about how little work you actually do while your brain is rotting" raise. Almost a 10% raise! Preettty good for not doing anything at work half (or more) of the time. I did the math and it's 9.14% more than my salary from last year. Kick ass.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

water and math

So Claire's AJ post got me thinking last night about how people are about 70% water.. then I was thinking about all the calculations done for that urine estimate and how it was pretty simple.. so I got curious:

If you could extract all the water out of every person, how much would you have?

So I assumed:

avg volume of water per person = 70% (by weight)
Avg weight of person = 150 lb.

This equals 105 lbs of water.. which when you do the conversion.. 16oz/lb.. 128 oz/gallon gives you 13.125 gallons of water per person.. 6.5 billion people on the planet.. gives 85.3 billion gallons of water.

Now I have this number, but i have no idea how much water 85 billion gallons of water is. So here's where I got a little out of control.

So I thought, how much would sea level rise if you through 85 billion gallons of water into the oceans? So I looked it up:

85 billion gallons of water is about 328 million cubic meters of water.. this is equal to about 0.328 cubic kilometers.. not as much as I was hoping for.. so according to google, the surface area of all the oceans is 327,776,700 square kilometers, which when you do the math leaves us with about 1.0 um rise in sea level. How disappointing. I was really expecting more.

So then I thought, alright what about Oahu? How deep would Oahu be covered? It's a lot smaller than the whole earth..

Surface are of Oahu = 386,500 acres = 1.564 billion square meters divide that by the volume of people water, you find that Oahu would be covered by about 0.21 meters of water, or about 8".

I found this very disappointing as wel (it's been kind of a disappointing morning)l.. but at least it was fun and I got to use that part of my brian which hasn't had to do anything close to math in about 2.5 years. Thoughts??

Saturday, October 22, 2005

New Zealand

So I found some pics that aren't frozen in my external hard drive (that is still waiting to be taken to the super geeks for fixing).. SO I've been adding more NZ stories. I feel like I need to get it done before I forget all the details I didn't write down at the time.

If you're excited, look here ...or just go to the archives section and click on May 2005.

And!!! Jesse found a kick-ass pic site with 4 GIGA pixel pics!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


So Claire gets the "Cutest Ever" award for sending us Autumn in a Box this week (Dave got it Monday). The box was filled with bunches of pretty red, yellow, green, and brown leaves (looked like mostly maple, but I'm no dendrologist) and smelled wonderfully of fall! I was super excited (especially cause Dave let me be the opener) because I miss fall a lot and this was an excellent suprise! She included lots of silly post-it notes, maple candy (speaking of which... ), one moldy gourd =), one cute baby pumpkin, a bunch of 3 little raspberry corn, caramels, mulled cider spice mixes, and apple crisp mix. That apple crisp is just asking to be made this weekend! After getting all the notes and all the suprises I just wanted to give her giant squeeze hugs and tickle her, so there'd be lots of giggling.

This box was just what I needed to finish up HER box, with Daves additions. Her present had been finished for a while, but the box just needed some more loved added in =). I can't wait til she gets it!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005


I'm all giddy right now. It's so fun being giddy. I just wanna smile and give everyone hugs =)! This is especially interesting cause I just left work and it started before I left.. It must be because we're done moving. That and my ankle FINALLY seems to be getting better. Slowly.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

ankle day 7, plus doc rant!

I know this is a lot to post in one day, but hey.. a lot's going on. READ IT ANYWAY!

So here's the ankle. I'm quite irritated about this right now. I caved on Friday and went and got it xrayed. I did this mostly cause it feels like it's getting worse and even though I have much experience with the ankle spraining, it's never gotten worse like this. So (understandably, I feel) I thought, "it's possible that I actually might have fractured or torn or broken something.. I should get it looked at. " The one faulty premise was assuming that the doctors out here were going to be worth talking to.. this time. Can you feel the sarcasm?

So I make an appt... go in there tell the dr. what's happening: Mainly when I woke up Sunday morning, it wasn't pleasant to walk on, but got increasingly better as the day drew on. I was taking it very easy, only hobbling around as was necessary, because all the other times I've done this it was helpful to walk it out. I had it wrapped in an ace bandage (not too tight, with the air
cast on it). This seemed to be working just fine until wed. or thurs. when it started hurting much worse (aching and sharp pains when walking). I really started feeling like I should maybe not walk on it at all, but I have to go to work, I have to put something on the old time sheet, right? So Friday it's really bothering me. Aching and hurting badly if I did anything but sit with it at least proped up on a chair. So doc says "hmmm... nothing useful, nothing useful... Let's order an xray."
Excellent, that's just what I wanted. So I go and get the xray. Then I have to wait for the results. So doc says, "they didn't see any breaks.. so how many days do you want off work?" Um, none. Sick days are the same as vacation days, so I'm not going there. So now doc doesn't really know what to do. I'm still sitting there, I"m still asking questions.. "ok, so no breaks, that's good.. but what's with the hurting? How come it's swelling still?" So he starts telling me about how in some sprains small pieces of bone can get pulled off and that can cause it to hurt more, but 'they' didn't see any of that in the xray. Whoa, hang on a sec. First of all.. 'they'? Meaning doc didn't even look at the xray himself??? That's crap right there. Second, 'they' should have seen it cause I did that before. Last time I got an xray the doc was very interested in pointing
that out. And that wasn't even noticed??!! Not feeling especially confident with the doc here. So then he put's the icing on... "So would you like an aircast?"

"You mean this thing right here in my hand that I pointed out when you first came in here?" Glad to see you're paying attention, couldn't float a chicken past you right now could I.
"oh.. I didn't see that."
Yeah. "how about you give me some crutches? Since it's really hurting me to walk on it (by the way, thanks for making me walk down to the xray on another floor, and then all the way back.. jackass) maybe that would be a good idea?"

So that's pretty much how it went-a perfect illustration of why I didn't want to go to the dr in the first place. No help at all. Sure I got told I have a clean xray, but somehow I can't really convince myself that anyone really looked at it that should have known what they were doing. If "they" means the guy who took the xray, that doen't really make me feel much better.

That was yesterday. Today is pretty much the same. It hurts. I don't want to walk on it. I feel like it's getting worse, but I can't rule out the possibility that I'm just expecting it to get better and it's not. The swelling keeps moving around and is not going away. I've iced it, I've heated it, I've put the kung fu juice on it, I'm taking Arnica 6 times a day (just for you mom and dad).. I don't really know what else to do

End of Quals Party

So end of the evil quals was a great excuse for a party... The Astro-Kids turned out in full force armed with burgers, chips, Crown Royale, raspberry vodka, and bathing suits.

Super happy Rita with Dave

Lisa and Nick

DJ Trent (aka colonel mustard)

Rita, Mark, Josh (yes in Jeyhans bikini top), and Dagny

Josh and Dave

Qual Party 2

Dagny and Rita

Rita, Josh, Jeyhan, Me

Julius and David

Me and Dagny

Angelica and me

End of Quals Party 3

Dan and Emily


Dave and Lisa harassing Nick (in the bathroom)

Jeff and Rita in deep conversation

Jeyhan and Dagny

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Moving (still) / Ankle day 5

My office has been moving for the last 3 weeks or so, and yes, we're still at it for at least another 2. Here's a pic of Jayson (of the magic kung fu ankle juice fame), Billy (north shore house), and Bryan (likes to bet on football) finishing up with a giant set of drawers filled with maps. These guys are who I work with mostly - well who I enjoy working with most anyway... and before the ankle incident, I was grunting along with them. Fun stuff even though we all hate moving and want to be done with it.

I now have a window in my cube (I hate saying I have a cube), but at least now I can see outside and I'm very excited to get myself a little plant or two to keep myself happier on days where I have to sit inside and do nothing or close to it. Here's part of my view!

And last of all, here we are at day 5... The swelling is down around the ankle bones, but is getting more noticeable around the back of the ankle. I'm wondering if I messed up my achilles. And yes Claire, there's been a little bit of poking (not painful) mostly to see if there are any painful spots cause I'm getting a little worried about how it's feeling and am considering going and getting it xrayed or at least looked at on Saturday, especially since I can't really play anyway.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

ankle day 4

I'm sure everyone's sick of this now, but I started it so I have to finish it.

On a happier note, I finished Claire's present... BUT I just realized I might have one more thing to fix. Worst job on a project... ever.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Ankle Day 3

Ankle day 3! Thanks to Jaysons super kung fu special ankle juice, the swelling finally seems to be going down. I credit Jayson cause it was fat and hurty until I came home and rubbed in some of that happy juice and ate some pizza. When I took off the ace bandage... poof! I could all of a sudden see some of my ankle bone!

For Claire's entertainment (even though she didn't comment today..) here's the new red-purple tints in the bruise.

And for all you Dave fans out there, here he is passed out on the couch instead of getting ready to go out to dinner to celebrate the end of quals.. hence the pizza. But I suppose I shouldn't be too grumpy, even though I've been planning this for a couple of weeks now, since he was up late working on his blog and all the picture crap instead of practicing his talk. =)!

Monday, October 3, 2005

Ankle Update

This is mostly for Claire's sick pleasure..

I've been convinced to take daily pics of how my nasty ankle bruises are progressing! You can all watch the swelling go dowm (hopefully quickly) and the colors change.

Today we have a nice blue-purple with hints of green:

On a happier and not so much stomach turning note (for those who don't like bruises and swelling ankles), Emily wanted everyone to know how happy she is about her new steamer! "No more ironing EVER!!"

Dan takes all credit for acquisition of the steamer. And Emily says Dan's a stupid boy.

Sunday, October 2, 2005

ups and downs

I am very proud of myself! I survived biking from Pearl City to Billy's house on the North Shore (just over 30 miles) with Dave!! We partied for a while in Pupukea and then headed to a crazier party on Roundtop. I made a complete fool of myself dancing around with Dave and Dan and Emily and running aorund the roundtop party, but it was WONDERFUL. Just what I needed =)!

What I didn't need was to sprain my ankle running down the stairs once we got home. At least it's been getting better all day as I've been icing it. My right ankle is only the size of a raquetball instead of a grapefruit. The hard part is trying to figure out how to wash the bottomg of your other foot in the shower. But the best part is riding in the cart at Costco. The little kids loved it and the adults could only giggle and do double takes.