Thursday, September 29, 2005

not for kids..

Claire - This was originally going to be an email to you, but then I thought about how I never rant in my blog like sean does, and I really enjoy it when sean rants, so why not share it?

Ok, so this mean bitch laura is ruining jiu jitsu for me. I seriously go and just get annoyed the moment she shows up. This irritation goes way (WAY) back (3 months is WAY today) to when Claire and I first started going to class. She snubbed us! We tried to be friendly a couple of times and she baltently snubbed us. More than many other things, I HATE being snubbed. So instantly she's on my shit list, but luckily she left and went to brazil for the rest of the summer and Claire and I met Kimmie and we had a wonderfully fun time learning how to try and kill people without killing them.

Now Claire has left (this is all your fault *wink*), and horse face has come back and it's all been downhill from there. She keep making these shitty comments to me! It's driving me crazy! Example: Today we were getting ready to do a practice move on the ground (the pass the gaurd move where you push the knee to the chin and go around) and she says to me before we even start, "Are you just scared to work with the other guys?" And in my head I'm screaming, "No you horse-face-bitch! If I can go with you, I can go with any of these guys and have a WAY better time of it!" and "Wow, you just reminded me why I hate Texas." and "I thought I was out of junior high, but you're making me reconsider." and a whole bunch of mean shit and visuals of just punching her in the face happen a lot. If she doesn't want to work with me, then FUCK OFF! Don't do it. And she ripped my pants. And I can't say that it's all cause she's such a fat bitch, cause that's my term of endearment for good friends.

Now the adult in me says (now that the bitchy little kid has gone to sleep) that I shouldn't let her bother me and I should either avoid her or learn how to kick her ass better than she kicks my ass and beat her at her own game (not sure if that last one was really the adult or the little kid caught the adult napping). Unfortunately both of them take a lot of work, and when I'm in my I hate that bitch mood, lots of work doesn't sound like the answer I want, but then neither does quitting.

At least Dave called her on her crappy eye make-up today.

And.. I had some great pics to put in here, but blogger is grumpy and isn't letting me. So maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


So it seems like those hurricanes are probably not going to hit us (this remains to be seen, but that's what they're saying now)... this is good news on the whole, but also mildly disappointing. I was looking forward to a little excitement (and maybe some free days off work!!).

I got the last ingredients for the claire-suprise, but I screwed up part of it the other day and am not decided on how I want to fix it. (grumble) My perfectionist streak that comes out when I'm creating definitely gets in the way. One side of me says, "screw it! just get it done and that little part will give it some character." then the other side goes, "yeah, but if I could just get rid of it, and do it over, it'd be even BETTER... it'd be PERFECT!!! mmuuuhhuahahahahaha". It'd be much more simple if I thought I could remove the affected area without wrecking the rest of it. CRAP!

Yes, it's only September, but I'm already getting excited about Halloween and even Thanksgiving already! Plans so far are Ozomatli, Waikiki, North Shore, and Santa Cruz!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

schemes and hurricanes

Man, we've been so busy moving part of the office that I haven't had time to babble about anything!

So the first exciting thing is the 2 possibly 3 hurricanes heading for the islands! I've been watching for this since I moved here, and none of the past storms have made it this far. I've always been interested in weather and all the crazy things it does and this is just giving all those geek buttons a good workout =). I'm very interested to see if any of the current stroms out there will hit us. It's mildly concerning that the house I live in doesn't have a foundation and I'd be kidding myself if I thought it would stand up to 80+ mph winds. It's also interesting to see what kinds (if any) warnings are being made to the public about these things. I understand that in the wake of Katrina, no one wants to encite public panic over storms that may or may not hit us; but it seems like having time to do as much prep as possible would be better than waiting til they know we're going to get hit in 2 days. Luckily I am my own information source.

The second exciting thing is that I've been scheming and constructing something to send over to Claire-buh-bean over on the mainland... OBVIOUSLY I can't be divulging exactly what kinds of things I've been doing since it would ruin the suprise, so you'll all have to wait. HAHAHAHA!! That's my evil scheming laugh!

And last, but certainly not least, Sean has been gone for the last week. Dave and I have been having to entertaining ourselves for a WEEK! Geez... good thing he's funny via blog so I can giggle my head off even when he's not around. Dave is now feeling left out that he doesn't have a blog too. =)

Monday, September 5, 2005

Turtles and Sunsets

We started the day out at Laniakea Beach (Lani's) today hoping to see 50 turtles like we did when Steve was here.. but no luck. Only 2 or 3, but that was fine cause at least they were there! Dad fed a couple and we played in the beautiful water for a couple of hours..

while Dave studied =)

Mom got some lounging in..

and Dad enjoyed the sun for the shade and breeze =) ..

Then it was time for lunch and a change of scenery, so it was off to Foodland then Sunset Beach (named after the hamburger). Sunset welcomed us with it's last shady spot and wonderfully refreshing water and beautiful everything.

I had to get a classic beach shot..

and one with the 3 of us before we headed to Turtle Bay for one (or 2) of those tasty Monkey's Lunches... YUM!

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Mariner's Ridge

We (Mom, Dad, Dave, Dagny, Ben, and I) hiked Mariner's Ridge in Hawaii Kai today. It was a good relatively easy hike with only a 200' elevation gain - not too much up and down. We had some excellent views and for most of the hike, and a nice cool breeze. We were sweating like race horses anyway, but it just made it that much nicer to stand in the wind.

Mom and Dad enjoy the veiws.. "look over here!"

Koko Head and Koko Crater.

Mid-hike adjustments.
Ben and his great chipwich shirt. Doesn't Dave just glow when he gets to play outside? =)

Mom and Koko Head.

Dad getting to use that fancy camera on something actually worthy of it's ability, finally!

Dagny, Dave, Dad, and Ben heading up the trail with Koko Crater in the background.

Catching the breeze! Ahhhhh....

Rest time fun.

"You're staying right on the other side of that mountain."

King Dave of the Mountain.

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Champagne and... chili dogs?

We spent the day at Kualoa Beach Park. We gazed at Chinaman's Hat AKA Turtletail Island. We ate cookies and watermelon under Dave's canopy while failing to figure out more than 5 of the NYTimes crossword clues.. It rained, but we didn't get wet. And all too soon, it was time to get out of there and eat some chili dogs in Kailua.

But not without a stop at the hygenic store!

Mom had a little run-in with my bike.. but Battle Scars build character, right?


Dad and me!

Sean and me.

This is lead foil.. I'll show you by sticking it up my nose!

Friday, September 2, 2005


Everyone should go to Dave's time lapse page and look at the movie he made of the moon (it's the one called "full moon", but while you're there all the other ones are very worthwhile too)! He hooked up his camera to one of the small telescopes at school and made a movie. Its really cool. You can see all the craters very well, as well as the shimmer of the atmosphere and occasional clouds. You need to have Quicktime version 7 to watch the movies.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Family Pics!

My parents arrived and brought with them a number of pictures from the most recent family events. It was great seeing pics of everyone whom I haven't seen for alomost a year, and am not sure when I'll see next.

I'll share a few:
Aunt's Carol and Debbie




Uncle Eric


Mom and Dad got here Tuesday afternoon. We had a tasty dinner at a Thai restaurant in Kailua and the had an adventure finding the entrance to their vacation rental in Lanikai. Happily, the rental looked just like the pictures online, so I don't have to make any angry demanding phone calls. Yay!

More family pics to come soon!