Thursday, August 31, 2006

Manic Monday..

So I had a wild and crazy night this past Monday! It was great fun and was totally worth the hangover (sans headache - very important!!) Tuesday at work (in the hot sun dying for 4 more hours of sleep) and the shit talk involved. Todd called and tore me away from my anatomy coloring book in a matter of minutes with the offer of dinner 'with a bunch of people.' Surely, why not?!! I met his good friends Eli and Rebecca (the 2 in the middle, Todd's on the right, Jesse on the left).

They convinced me that Rock n sushi had excellent non fish food and I was thinking that 5 people was apparently a 'bunch'... little did I know! Look how innocently it all started!

Next thing I knew there were 20 people around me and we were throwing back Sake Bombs like it was Friday after finals or something!

I'd never had Sake bombs before, but they did their job quickly and we all got to bang loudly on the table while we were at it... doesn't get much better than that.

I quickly got into crazy mode - this is my serious face - "don't laugh.. the hose could kill you" - and forgot that other people around me didn't understand my work jokes. At least Rebecca thought I was hilarious. Notice how my one eye is bigger than the other??

This soon led to lots of groping and ass grabbing (wonderful - I love ass grabbing! - especially people I hardly know!)

This is my new favorite pic of me... (that eye is still bigger!!) it's silly goodness. which wouldn't be nearly as good without Todd's suprised fish face (don't know what else to call that one!).

Here's most of the crew before we headed out to the Dog House to get crazy on the dance floor - which was awesome. I love dancing so much and it felt to good to shake it with so many other people who felt completely comfortable. Good stuff! I was sore the next day and my legs are still feeling it a bit. I love it! Like Rebecca said - that either means I'm not dancing enough or I had a great time... I'd definitely have to pull out my signature response and say both!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mutant Banana

Check it out! The peel was totally fused on one side!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Many Faces of Dave (Part II)

My public is demanding more cute Dave pics! And since my public is really only me, since no one ever leaves comments, I will continue to do whatever I want.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Interesting cloud day

The clouds were really crazy yesterday, I think cause there's a big hurricane to the west of us but there were cirrus - the paint strokes and ripple marks, and the spotty ones.. All kinds! I thought of Dave, but I only got a few pics cause I actually had to do stuff at work!! Amazing! For once I was a needed part of the field work! sweet..

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yet Another Wedding

Friends of mine from Tech, Cas and Maggie, married a couple of weeks after I left Michigan.. It would have been a seriously fun wedding to make it to, but I only had so much time and money and I had to miss it. BUT! Caroline and AJ sent me a few pics..

Caroline and Madeline (she has such pretty eyes!)

Lara, Maggie, and Caroline

The crew: Donnie, Jesse, some guy I don't know, Brent, Cas, Madeline, Linda, the guy whose name I forgot (derek?), TJ, Ira, and Jay

Cas, Jesse, and AJ

Caroline and Wes

It definitely looks like it would have been a great time!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The many faces of Dave (part 1)

I got all of Anne's pics from her tonight and yes, I'm nuts and I just looked through ALL of them (except for the 1 she deleted). So she got some REALLY good (*cute*) pics of dave and since he's not here for me to squeal at, you're all going to have to sit through it for a while (cause this will call for multiple postings)...

I imagine this as Dave's football face for some reason, but really I know it's his 'I'm squinting at you' face. ha!

This is the real football face

and this is the '!!!I got to roll with James AND Romolo AND Sidney!!! For ALL of class!!!' face ;) ..right before he falls asleep. *cutecutecute*

Artsy-fartsy Dave

And best of all.. the Dave that is good enough to put up with an exceedingly drunk me playing grab-ass... literally.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sewing Machine Madness

I got my Pfaff back from it's checkup today and immediately got busy! It's such a happy machine now.. and it has a friend - my serger that my mom gave me! It made my pillow case project silly fun. And faster. I definitely felt kinda sweat-shoppish switching between the 2 machines.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006


It's green and small and I love it....

I ate a lot of it in eNZed..... and now it's at Star Market...

YES!!! FEIJOA!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Can you feel the giddyness getting stuck in my throat like I can? =)!!

They were not spectacular, or even at the level of the crappiest one I had while we were there, but it was SOOOOO worth it just to have a tiny taste of the wonderfulness of the feijoa for a moment. *sigh*

Sunday, August 6, 2006

On a Houseboat..

Yesterday I went out with the REUs to the windward side to go out on Brittanys moms best friends boyfriends houseboat. It was great stuff. We played, people jumped off the boat, danced around, trashed talked about everything in this months Cosmo, got booted from the Kualoa Ranch beachfront area, picked up some strays (Wendy and Joe), and just had an all around awesome time with our kick ass hosts. I'd go out again any time (wink).

Anway, here are some of the pics (I put up a lot, I know, but all the pics can be found on the CD I gave to Sarah to pass around).

Most of the crew: Kim, Sarah, Chris, Joey (behind Chris), Anne, Betesy.. still at the dock

Anne, Betsey, Brittany



Anne with the Flying Buddah form

I love the splash! We think this is Chris =)

Sarah, Rachel, Betsey, and Chris

Carolyn (Brittany's little sister)

Friday, August 4, 2006

Hot chicks in hard hats

So I'm out working at Diamond Head for the next month (so far) on a soil nailing job. It's pretty chill for me - I sit there and watch these guys drill 1.5" galvanized steel rods into a big sand pile. Good thing for me, the 2 guys (Pepe and Steve) are hilarious. Lots of good shit talk, horsing around and general good natured goofiness. I fit right in (yay!).

So here's a pic of the tippy top of Diamond Head with a bunch of gawkers (tourists) at the top..

The view from the site..


And what I'm looking at all day.. Yes it is hot as hell in that sand box, how astute of you to notice! I really just wanted to say astute there. I'm not sure if it's an appropriate choice of words, but I don't care. Take it and like it.

Some rich guy is building a 15 million dollar addition to his house next door - an art gallery and studio. Must be nice. The guys we're working for just came off a project where they built a 20 million dollar house on Maui overlooking Big Beach.