Saturday, February 24, 2007


About a month ago Dave, Jeff, and I went out to Kailua and kayaked to the Mokulua Islands... I meant to post some pic then, but I'm a slacker, what can I say? It was an absolutely beautiful day and I got to see that I have crazy shoulder blades in the pics Dave took..

Jeff coaxed out a tiny hermit crab and we had a stop at the flat island straight out from Kailua Beach.

Hopefully I'll get another day off sometime before the end of the semester! It's pretty crazy over here - 2 tests last week, 3 this week, and class on sundays for the last month.

AND!!! I just found out that I do NOT have a spring break. Sucks. Good thing I have all these pictures of the beautiful place I live in..

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Foot Soaks

Today in school we learned more about foot soaks and therapy - mostly how to make people all relaxed and sleepy by soaking their feet in hot tea and rubbing the feet so they drool and [hopefully] give me lots of money... ANYWAY! I got Dave to try out my new found skillz which I'm sure you're all thinking was very difficult, since we all know how Dave hates attention and pampering.

He was surprised by how completely it made him ready to pass out, but it was very easy for me to continue to experiment on him, using my new found foot-rubbing and stretching techniques. Maybe this new wonderful experience will motivate him to pay a little more attention to those poor toes of his!

Also yesterday, I got to experience a shortened version of Chinese New Year. It was interesting, but I have to say I was glad it was shortened, since I don't have any idea what's being said, it gets rather repetitive and boring.

That's Jorge and Valerie

Most of the school trying to get pics of all the fresh herb samples

Shifu's New Years finery..

Monday, February 5, 2007


So I found this a while back, but never found the time to put it up here... Hawaii Volcanoes Observatory has a webcam up on top of Mauna Loa.. and it's kickass (during the day)... It will now be found on the side bar..

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cool Pics

I found a new site for interesting pictures.. and I nabbed a few - this one's a Wisconsin sunset.. gotta love the lakes!

Obviously this is an orange.. but I like it - yeah, ok, maybe it's just cause it's food, but the colors and clarity are nice too don't you think?

Yay! I love flowers!!

This one's for Dave since everyone who's ever seen Dave knows that as I love food, Dave loves clouds...

Yay! More flowers.. but artsy this time!
I think they're shyly glowing for the camera

And of course, a good rock pic. I was planning on getting a few of these pics myself this October, but it was raining too much and we couldn't get down to Antelope Canyon. Can't you just see me scampering around that place?! I'd have to have some silly hat though - and maybe I'd be peeking out from some place trying to gt you to find me!

Weekend Tomfoolery

Dave and I went over to Aren and Erin's house today for a super bowl party. It was a first for me, I don't remember if Dave had superbowled before.. .but anyway! It was overall a good time! I got to hang with a BUNCH of people including: my uncle Eric and aunt Diane, Tanner, DnA with David's sister Jennifer (?), Rahul and his parents, William, Tory, Erin and Aren's realtor and husband. I made some cream cheese wontons (don't tell the chinese! I already have enough Damp, but it's so delicious!!) and ate a lot, and saw a bigger monster vision than Dan and Nick had, and watched a bunch of grown men guffaw at mildly amusing commercials (there were a couple of funny ones) and get all crazy about football. I'd never really seen that, so it was fun to experience.
Dave was off to Maui again so we had to check out early (good thing too cause I"m exhausted from the girlie sleepover last night - I had a little too mch to drink , but the kicker was that I woke up at 5am or something and couldn't go back to sleep. So I had to disappoint Dave and decline to lug around the kayak before the party... =( Dave's sad face is a very discouraging thing to see but after a little while at Kailua Beach (after sad complaints about how perfect day it was). I could have made it if Sean hadn't gone and gotten himself a nasty case of food poisoning.. hopefully he's out of the bathroom now though.

Friday, February 2, 2007


I finally replaced my sad and broken laptop (thanks to William)!!! I'm connected once again!! Oh man, I'm not sure how sad I think it is that I'm so dependent on electronics (not as much as Dave), but reality is reality and I have to at least admit it.
So I'm sync - ing my ipod and updating my backup hard drive, etc... and hopefully getting back to making this blog a little more interesting than it has been for the last few weeks.